Tuesday, 28 June 2011

help is this blog thing meant to be like a diary ??

              just wondering if this blogger thing is meant to be like a diary type of thing or some thing else , let me know as at the moment it`s just ramblings about my life ,,,
So i am just sitting here with the laptop on my lap ( go figure ) it`s the 29th the day after my oldest daughter`s 26th birthday ,( just wondering who would want to read this ) it`s 7:40am cold and wet had a rough night as with most nights , my back doesn't like the cold and wet as i fractured a vertebrae in my lower back in 1992 on a jet ski  ,, .
so today i may get on air for a while as i have a few friends that are unwell and i can check they are OK on the 2 meter band ,
anyhow thats enough for now if you are interested keep comming back if not cya ...
have a great one all 73`s

how a day can change your life

my next door neighbour from when i was a child has just passed away he was a great man and had all the time in the world for me he was a great teacher owe him so much and will miss him dearly ! vale bill bale